Sukoshi Con 2013

Matt Tremont issues a public statement saying he is 100% clear, after a health scare.

Trying for a TON more views, wanna get these guys some exposure. They’re all very nice, and talented. If I could trouble you, kind stranger, just to share this link real quick, it would mean a lot. Thank you.

Future Primitves playing “Ameristan” Live at Trunk Stock 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama.

sexualvertigo said: Where did Ms Foxofthedead go? We miss her!

She’s gotten bored with it, she didn’t have as much fun with it as she used to.

#saws #smoke #bbq #foodporn #food

#saws #smoke #bbq #foodporn #food

Our new wrestling promotion

If you’re a fan of wrestling, please go like and share the facebook for the promotion we’re trying to start. Our debut show is this Friday.

Auburn A-Day piece we shot yesterday.


Alright, now, for 100 more.